SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis

What is SWOT stand for?

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. 

SWOT Analysis Examples 

“Publix strengths are strong geographical presence, high revenue, and good reputation. Publix weaknesses are lawsuits, large workforce, and less geographical expansion. Publix’s strong geographical presence is that having more stores tend to generate higher revenue.  This is why Publix give great importance to geographical presence. Publix is one of the brands with a great geographical presence in the US. Publix high revenue is the main purpose of doing business is to generate money. Publix is a supermarket chain, yet in 2021 it generated revenue of $48 billion in 2021. Brands with a good reputation have a higher customer base, which helps the brand earn more profit. Publix has been fortunate to have an excellent reputation in the market. “

SWOT Analysis Template

  • Strengths: Internal factors that give an organization an advantage.
  • Weaknesses: Internal factors that may hinder an organization’s performance.
  • Opportunities: External factors that could be beneficial to the organization.
  • Threats: External factors that may pose challenges or risks.

Here are key questions to guide each aspect of a SWOT analysis:


  • 1. What does the organization do well?
  • 2. What unique resources, skills, or assets does it possess?
  • 3. What advantages does the organization have over competitors?


  • 1. What areas need improvement within the organization?
  • 2. Are there limitations in resources, skills, or infrastructure?
  • 3. What aspects might put the organization at a disadvantage?


  • 1. What external trends or changes could benefit the organization?
  • 2. Are there emerging markets or technologies to explore?
  • 3. How can the organization capitalize on current industry or market conditions?


  • 1. What external factors pose risks to the organization?
  • 2. Are there competitive challenges or market trends that could be detrimental?
  • 3. Are there regulatory or economic threats to consider?

By answering these questions, you can build a comprehensive SWOT analysis that provides insights into the current state and potential future scenarios for the organization.

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