What Happens To The Stock Market If Trump Wins or If Biden Wins?

What Happens In The Stock Market If Trump Wins Or If Biden Wins? 

My last podcast was about Trump vs Biden US President Election 

Discussing how they both do in leadership, economic stability, national security, diplomacy and international relations, social justice, healthcare, education improvement, infrastructure development, collaboration with Congress for bipartisan solutions.

I also have my first podcast being on How Presidential Elections Affect The Stock Market? 

What Stocks To Buy During a Recession? https://open.spotify.com/episode/0JMTgefQvarCwF4WI9GLLS

Stock beneficiaries

If Trump wins…

  • Energy and oil & gas will go down because president Trump will help increase the supply.
  • US banks
  • US technology stocks
  • Crypto

If Biden wins..

  • Healthcare
  • Utilities

From observing the stock market during both Trump and Biden’s terms. I believe that you can make money investing in the stock market with either one in the White House. You have to adjust your playbook and your Investments around such as if President Biden wins, you have to be more conservative and buy more defensive stocks just like what I discuss in my podcast ep 12. If President Trump wins, he will open up tax cuts and allow oil to be drilled easier so you can be optimistic in the stock market. 




If Biden wins 


If Trump winshttps://stocksdownunder.com/article/trump-stocks-if-trump-wins-stocks/

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